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Reduce the risk and stress of new field acquisitions.

Until now, finding new fields to farm carried elevated risk. Assessing the risk took experience, intuition, and a little bit of hard data to hang your hat on.

Convincing investors and lenders to secure financing required persistence and arm twisting. Success and profit was achieved through hard work and luck.

Prospector enables growers and lenders to identify the right management scenarios for a new field based on tangible data to ensure the field maintains profitability over its lifetime.

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Prospecting for new land
begins with space.

We start with field boundaries and utilize the best available public information to determine a field's potential.


Soil-based productivity




Satellite productivity history


County-level performance

Combine Budget with Field

Add your operation expenses and budget scenarios to calculate how much you can pay for your land and retain profitability.

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With A Simple Interface To Use, You'll Reap Many Benefits:

Easy-to-use forms

Complete field projections in minutes

Save multiple fields and scenarios


Generate Reports that
show the big picture.

With Prospector reports, you will have a new level of understanding your farmland acquisitions. You will be able to set up and compare multiple scenarios to help make a better informed decision.


From cash flow values to agronomic zone yields, each stakeholder will make better informed decisions.

Growers can improve their ability to purchase and negotiate with confidence.

Financial lenders can have peace of mind knowing the investment is ironclad.

Real Estate Agents can market the land's potential.

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